Thinking about end of life by Age UK

Age UK thinking about end of life

AgeUK recently published a very useful guide to help people think about and plan for their end of life.

“Thinking about the end of life can be difficult, but being well informed can help you consider all your options at a time that’s right for you. Taking steps now can give you confidence that your wishes are documented so that people close to you know what you would want if the time came when you could no longer make your own decisions. Making plans now can make things easier for those close to you down the line. And remember, you can always change your plans….” AgeUK

It is wonderful that in that the charity have included information about digital legacy planning and digital legacy safeguarding within it. Extracts that directly relate to digital assets and digital legacy from the resource can be viewed below:

Digital Legacy Age UK

Making a Will AgeUK

To find read and download the resource in full click here.


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