NHS Training

The Digital Legacy Association provide training, consultancy and development in areas relating to digital assets and digital legacy for NHS England and NHS Wales.

Types of training

Our NHS training includes speaking at conferences, developing Think Tanks, running digital drop in sessions and developing training material. The core focus of many of our workshops is to install confidence in professionals ensuring that they feel comfortable when discussing end of life in relation to the internet with patients and their families. Some of the NHS events and workshops we have contributed to can be found below:

  • NHS Hull Clinical CGG – Digital End of Life Care Workshop
  • NHS Wandsworth CCG – Digital Drop In Session for Professionals (further information)
  • NHS Haringey CCG – ‘Let’s talk about Dying’ at Tottenham Town Hall (further information)
  • Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust – Royal Free Hospital Patient Safety Training
  • Doncaster CCG – Doncaster End of life Conference (further information)
  • NHS Blood and Transplant – London Organ Donation Collaborative training.
  • NHS Employers – NHS Gets Digital, Leeds (further information)

Our Digital Assets & Digital Legacy Awareness Leaflet can be downloaded (for free) and provided to NHS patients by clicking here (PDF).

James Norris NHS Digital Legacy

The Digital Legacy Association also work closely with supporting Hospice UK, Dying Matters and Byw Nawr (Dying Matters in Wales).

Digital legacy training
Digital Legacy Training

If you would like to speak with us about our NHS training courses, consultancy or developing a toolkit please do get in touch

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