NHS Training

The Digital Legacy Association have provided training, consultancy and development in areas relating to digital assets and digital legacy for NHS England and NHS Wales.

James Norris NHS Digital Legacy

Letter from NHS Blood and Transplant Conference, London.

Types of training

Our training for the NHS includes Think Tanks, Digital Drop in Sessions and raising awareness within NHS professionals as to the importance patients assign to their digital assets and digital legacy. The core focus of many of our workshops is to install confidence in professionals to ensure that they feel comfortable when discussing end of life in relation to the internet and they have enough information and resources in order for this to be delivered clearly. We have also many hospice NHS staff.  Our recent training sessions for NHS England include:

  • NHS Wandsworth CCG – Digital Drop In Session for Professionals (further information)
  • NHS Haringey CCD – Let’s talk about Dying at Tottenham Town Hall (further information)
  • Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust – Royal Free Hospital Patient Safety Training
  • NHS Blood and Transplant – London Organ Donation Collaborative training.


Developing toolkits

The aim of ‘TalkCPR’ is to improve communication and dialogue between patients and their healthcare professionals with regard to Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Orders (DNACPR). In order to allow this difficult area to be communicated a website and a number of videos were created.


Screenshot from TalkCPR website

TalkCPR is used by the general public to ensure that they make the most informed decisions about CPR and DNACRP. It is also used by healthcare professionals as a tool to improve their confidence in talking about CPR and discussing DNACPT with their patients.

TalkCPR training

Photo of the TalkCPR website being used to train CPR professionals at the NHS Velindre Centre, Wales

The Digital Legacy Association have provided regular support and consultancy over the last six months or so for the campaign. We also built and designed the Talk CPR websites ensuring that the content was available in both English and Welsh. TalkCPR won an NHS Wales Award for the Improving Quality Using Improving Quality Together (IQT) Methodology

NHS Wales Awards

Photo of the TalkCPR team at the NHS Wales Awards in Cardiff

If you would like to speak with us about our training courses, consultancy or creating a toolkit contact us