Hospice & EOL Professionals Framework

Our Digital Asset and Digital Legacy Framework has been developed to support professionals when supporting those nearing the end of their lives with areas relating to the internet, social media and connected devices (like mobile phones, computers etc). It also provide guides and support that may be of use when supporting the recently bereaved.


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Digital Digital Asset & Digital End of Life Framework (Extracts)


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Who should read this framework

We encourage all health and social care professionals to read this framework. The framework is simple and currently consists of six steps. Further support is given in the following document about the terms used, the main digital platforms used in the UK, preparing for death online and grieving online. Further support material is also available to read and download at the end of this document….

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Understanding Digital Assets, Connected Devices and Digital Legacy

The three main categories to understand in this section of the framework are:

  1. Digital assets, which include things such as your online bank accounts, photos saved online and your social media accounts etc.
  2. Connected devices, which include mobile phones, tablets (like iPads), computers etc.
  3. Digital legacy, which is what you leave online once you die. This has an influence on how you are remembered.

Digital Assets

Your digital assets can be of sentimental, or monetary value, or both. For example, many people now use digital photography and video devices. These include mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras. Most of these photos are no longer printed. Instead they are stored and saved on devices (such as hard drives) and uploaded on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and DropBox. When you have the time to do so, it is worth learning about how you can download such content, pass accounts on and… read more by downloading the full framework by clicking here


Click here to download the latest framework (version 0.00)

We welcome suggestions and feedback by the hospice, end of life and technology sector. The Digital Asset & Digital End of Life framework version 0.01 will take into consideration all of the feedback provided. The next update to this framework will take place in April 2016.


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