Hospice training


The Digital Legacy Association have ran hospice training courses and  support digital legacy champions at:


  • St Christopher’s Hospice London
  • St Francis Hospice Berkhamsted
  • Trinity Hospice, Clapham
  • St Joseph’s Hospice, London
  • St Elizabeth Hospice, Ipswich
  • Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead


I learnt so much that I had never thought about” – St Francis Hospice Think Tank


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Social media has a key place in our lives now, and we are learning that it becomes even more crucial as people face the end of their lives. It helps patients stay connected and boosts self esteem. But patients and those special to them don’t know how to manage this personal vital resource after a death – memories, music, photos and messages are lost. We are delighted that the Digital Legacy Association is being launched at our annual Hospice UK Conference for over 700 staff working with families at the end of life’ 

– Dr Ros Taylor MBE National Director for Hospice Care, Hospice UK


Our Flagship Digital Assets & Digital Legacy Workshop For Hospices & End of Life Professionals

It is important for end of life professionals to have an understanding of the internet and social media within the context of end of life. The Digital Legacy Association have developed a day long training workshop specifically to educate, improve skill-sets and provide best-practice in areas relating to digital assets and digital legacy.  The workshop was developed with the support of St Christopher’s Hospice and includes contributions from a range of professionals and patients.


“In recent years, the ways people choose to remember deceased family members and friends has changed. Trips to the cemetery are replaced by online memorials and social media sites which can be updated regularly and accessed freely. Healthcare professionals need to engage with service users to discuss digital legacies. This, in turn builds confidence in discussing dying, death and bereavement. St Christopher’s are pleased to have supported the foundation of the Digital Legacy Association.”

– Ruth Sheridan, Director of Supportive Care, St Christopher’s Hospice.

The Digital Legacy Association urges all hospices to support patients with these increasingly complex areas. Our flagship training creates ‘digital champions’ within each hospice. Training slides, printed material, up to date tutorials and over the phone support is then provided to champions.

  • About the Digital Assets and Digital Legacy Workshop

The Digital Assets and Digital Legacy workshop is a  CPD accredited workshop. It has been developed for both internet savvy healthcare professionals and those who have little or no knowledge of social networks and online platforms (like Amazon, iTunes etc). The workshop empowers professionals with the knowledge and confidence required to provide advice to patients and bereaved families in areas relating to the internet, social media and connected devices (like laptops, mobile phones etc)

James Norris Digital Legacy


Areas addressed within the Digital Asset & Digital Legacy training include:

  • An overview as to how communication, grief and death has changed due to the Internet.
  • A comprehensive overview about the main online platforms being used in the UK and how they work.
  • A comprehensive overview about the devices that are being used in the UK and how they work.
  • Step by step guides as to how we can prepare for death on each platform online.
  • Step by step guides as to how we can prepare for death on each device.
  • A comprehensive overview about the platforms children in the UK are using.
  • Guides as to how children and their parents can prepare for death on each platform.
  • What the implications are for online friends, family members and followers of the deceased when someone dies.
  • What are the implications of death online in relation to UK law.
  • How friends and families can attain access to photos and videos of the deceased that are saved online.
  • How to assist patients with passing on their data to their next of kin.
  • How friends and family members can delete social media and online accounts on behalf of the deceased
  • How friends and family members can address and delete an upsetting comment left on the deceased’s social media account.
  • How friends and family members can use social media and online tools when arranging a funeral.
  • How social media and digital platforms can be used and optimised for legacy giving
  • How friends and family members can take comfort from the deceased’s social media accounts.
  • What the main triggers for conversations
  • What the main cues for conversations and how can they be acted upon
  • How to have conversations around digital assets and digital legacy
  • How conversations around digital assets and digital legacy can be used to evoke other conversations
  • How to change practice and methodologies when supporting patients
  • How to change colleagues practice and methodologies in areas relating to digital asset and digital legacy
  • How to influence and overcome internal obstacles to help improve hospice practices

Support provided and impact analysis

  • Regularly updated support material is made accessible for workshop attendees.
  • Training material is provided for workshop attendees to train colleagues and diffuse information.
  • 1 year’s telephone support is provided for all those who attend the workshop (10am-7pm Monday – Friday)
  • A pre and post workshop survey is made available for hospices. This data is anonymised and made public to highlight the workshop’s nationwide impact.
  • Patient satisfaction survey is available to attendees from participatory hospices. It is hoped that feedback attained from hospices will be provided back to the Digital Legacy Association. This data will also be anonymised and made public to highlight the workshop’s nationwide impact.
  • Printed support material for the general public will be provided for hospices.
  • Hospices that have three or more employees attending become accredited members of the Digital Legacy Association.
  • Accredited Hospices are allowed to use the Digital Legacy Association logo (print and online).


Bespoke courses and consultancy

We have ran a range of bespoke courses and think tanks across the UK. These range from NHS Employers to legal and will writing organisations.



Digital Legacy Association

If you would like to speak with us about our training courses or you would like us to speak at your conference please contact us