What are digital assets

What are digital assets?

Digital assets are possessions that are purchased, stored or available on digital devices or online services. These may include photos, videos, music, websites, blogs and eBooks.

Digital Assets can be of a monitory and sentimental value. Photos uploaded to a social network may have no monitory value but contain a high sentimental value. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) may not contain any sentimental value however they may contain a high monitory value. A music library purchased digitally (as MP3s, WAVs etc) may contain of both a sentimental value and a monitory value to the owner and the person or persons who inherits the library.

How to make plans for your digital assets

Your digital assets might be stored on a number of devices (computer, mobile phone etc) and across a number of platforms (Amazon, Facebook, iTunes etc).

It is important that you make plans for your digital assets and the devices and accounts they are held in. You may want to do this by documenting your wishes within a Social Media Will. Before you do so, it is important that you understand the what you can and cannot do when making plans for each platform and device. We have developed a learning section to help support you with your learning.

To learn more about this area view our free resources and tutorials visit our ‘For the Public‘ section.

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