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The Digital Legacy Association run an annual survey to help explore attitudes and behaviours towards death and bereavement in today’s increasingly, digital world

The Digital Death Survey 2020

Data from the Digital Death Survey 2020 has been shared in the following academic posters

  • Why Digital Assets planning and Digital Legacy safeguarding should form a holistic approach to advance care planning (presented at the 7th International African Palliative Care Conference 2022)

Digital Legacy Association Poster - 7th African Palliative Care ConferenceTo download this poster for free click here.

  • Death, the internet and COVID-19 – Insights from the Digital Death Survey (presented at the European Association of Palliative Care World Congress 2020)

Digital Death Survey Poster - EAPC 2021To download this poster for free click here.

The Digital Death Survey 2018

This year we are running the Digital Death Survey with Siena College. We would appreciate it if you were to complete this year’s survey using the following link:

Download the Digital Death Survey 2018 

Previous Reports

Information about previous Digital Death Surveys and subsequnt Digital Death Reports can be viewed below:

The Digital Death Survey 2017

An overview from Digital Death Report 2018 can be downloaded here. Further analysis was published and showcased at Hospice UK’s annual conference in November 2017.

The Digital Death Survey 2016

The Digital Death Report 2016 can be viewed below

The Digital Death Survey 2014

An overview from the Digital Death Survey 2014 can be viewed in the Infographic below:

Digital Death Survey Infographic

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