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If you have a computer, laptop, mobile phone (or any internet enabled device) with a password to ‘protect it’ you should consider thinking about how to pass access on should something unexpected happen to you. This can help ensure that specific content on the device (such as photos and videos) are easily accessed if you would like them to.

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Passing on passwords and backing up your files

If you are the only person who knows what your passwords are there is a high chance that any photos saved on the device will not be accessed and will be lost upon your death. Password protecting devices like computers and laptops is a relatively new problem that has occurred. We will be providing a tutorial video highlighting all of the options in this very difficult area in the coming months

Does someone other than yourself know the password for your computer?

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Things to consider

  • Use a cloud software solution like Google Drive (formally Google Docs) or Dropbox to keep your passwords in. Assign access to the folder in Google Docs or Dropbox where they are saved. Each time you change your password update the document accordingly.
  • Password protect a file or folder on your computer. Once created add your passwords for your various accounts into the folder. Tell your next of kind the password for your computer and the folder. Each time you change your password update the document accordingly.
  • Write your passwords down and keep them locked in a family safe / vault (not recommended). Update the document each time one of your passwords changes.
  • There are a range of password protection tools that allow for one single login. These include LastPass and Dashline.
  • There an increasing tendency for service providers (like Facebook and Google) to ask you to change your password for security reasons. Each time you update your password you will need to update the relevant document.
  • Once you have decided which option(s) may work best for you it is paramount that you Tell Somebody where your passwords are kept or how they able able to attain access to them.
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