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Below are a number of articles highlighting work that we delivered, policies that we have contributed to, research that we have carried out and campaigns that we have developed. 

The Digital Legacy Conference 2024 will take place as part of PHPCI in Bern, Switzerland on the 25th October

The Digital Legacy Conference 2024 announcement   The Digital Legacy Conference is an annual, international

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Good House Keeping

Have you planned for your digital legacy? To read 'Have you planned your digital legacy?'

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Digital Legacy Association appointed as an observer for the European Law Institute – Digital Assets Project

European Law Institute  The Digital Legacy Association have been appointed as an 'observer' for the

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Jeremy Vine Show explores digital legacy planning

The Jeremy Vine show highlighted the importance of making plans for our digital assets and

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Digital legacy workshops 2024

In 2024 we will continue to raise awareness about the importance of planning for our

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Sorting out your digital affairs leaflet available in Punjabi

Our flagship ‘Sorting Out Your Digital Assets and Digital Legacy’ leaflet is now available to download in Punjabi for free

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