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It is important that you make plans for the items you own and for those you care about in the physical world. If you use the internet and connected devices it is also important that you make plans for the items that you own and for those you care about in the digital world.

You may have videos uploaded to Facebook, photos stored on Instagram, purchased media on iTunes, Bitcoin in a Cryptocurrency wallet and even a blog or a website. Whatever online services you use it important that you make relevant plans for each. You should not solely entrust online platforms with this information. If you do not make any plans for your digital estate there is a high probability that items of a monitory and sentimental value may be withheld from your loved ones or claimed by the online service provider.

Below are a number of  tutorials to help you better understand some of the most used online services and connected devices in relation to end of life planning.

Our free Social Media Will template (excel download) can be a useful template for you to fill in and state what would like to happen to your online accounts after your death.

Social Media Will (template)

Everyone who has one or more online accounts should document what sites they use and what they would like to happen to them should something happen to them. Our Social Media Will template is a free, excel download. Simply download the template, complete it and store it in a safe location. You may also want to email a copy of it to someone you trust. To get started download our social media will template click here.

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Free tutorials and resources for today’s digital world

Learn how to preserve your digital legacy and pass down your digital assets using the tutorials below.

Social media guides

Hardware / device guides

Other online accounts

Documenting your funeral wishes

Public awareness leaflets for the general public

  • A range of public awareness leaflets and posters can be viewed and printed by clicking here

Learn more about digital legacy and digital assets


The Digital Legacy Conference

The Digital Legacy Conference is our free to attend, international conference. It’s purpose is to share and celebrate best practice in digital asset planning and digital legacy safeguarding. To date has taken place at UCL Partners, St Jospeh’s Hospice, Siena College (USA) and at the European Association of Palliative Care World Congress / EAPC2019 (Berlin) and EAPC 2021 (streamed online from Michael Sobell Hospice) 

Further information about the Digital Legacy Conference can be found at


Digital Legacy AssociationHar

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