Free Public Awareness Leaflets

Digital Legacy Association


All of the leaflets we develop are free to view, download and print. If your charity or not for profit organisation would like support developing information feel free to contact us directly.


Digital Assets & Digital Legacy Awareness Leaflet

It is important that members of the general public have thought about their digital assets in relation to end of life. In doing so conversations and planning can help ensure that peoples wishes are adhered to in both the real world and the digital world. This can also help reduce the likelihood of personal photos and videos being lost. Access to devices and online services can also help remove hurdles from administrative tasks like funeral planning.

Please find our public awareness leaflet below. It can be downloaded as a PDF, printed as an A4 and folded by your local printer. It will cost between £110-£140 to print 1000 of these public awareness leaflets at 170gsm at your local printer. Alternatively you may want to print them at home or in the hospital or hospice where you work.

Digital Legacy Leafket Digital Legacy leaflet

To use the resource above for free in your hospice click here  to open and then print the required number of copies. Our public awareness leaflet will also be available in a large font and in multiple languages from October 2017.



Funeral Planning Leaflet

Dying Matters and the National Association of Funeral Directors have produced ‘My Funeral Wishes’. This is a simple form which lets you create a personal funeral plan that reflects you as an individual. To document your funeral wishes simply download the leaflet, print it and keep it in a safe place.

To download, print and complete this leaflet click here

Digital Legacy Factsheet


We created a digital legacy factsheet with Dying Matters for Dying Matters Awareness Week 2017. It was created to help dispel myths around digital legacy and highlight ways in which the general public can think and plan for their digital legacy. The factsheet can be downloaded by clicking here