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Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that has over 400 million daily users. Users use a mobile application to take photos and to share stories with one another. 71% od user are under 34 years old and 70% of Snapchat users are female.

Unfortunately Snapchat do not currently have a public end of life policy or any tools that empower their users to either memorialise or have their account deleted after their death. They do however have a tool that allows users to download their data and delete their account.

Without any such policies or procedures  in place the current options available to Snapchat users are:

  • State what you would like to happen to your Snapchat account following your death in your social media will.
  • Once you have written down your preferences pass on your username and password to someone you trust.
  • User Snapchat’s Download My Data tool to save a backup of your data on a device (locally)

How to use Snapchat’s Download my Data tool

  1. Login
    • If you would like to delete your account click on ‘delete my account’.
    • If you would like to backup a copy of your data click on ‘My Data’

2 Submit a request to download the data:

snapchat digital legacy

3: You will receive an email stating that your Snapchat data is ready to download. Click on the ‘click here’ hyperlink to access your data.

Snap chat Digital Legacy

4) Click on the blue hyperlink to backup and download a copy of your data to the device you are using (local backup).

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