Digital Life, Legacy and Afterlife – The Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh

marie curie

A joint event by Marie Curie and Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief, examining digital legacies. The event will explore practical elements such as planning, social media, online accounts and memorialisation, and the online mourning, grieving and ethical considerations that may go along with that. This event is free but is now SOLD OUT

  • 9.30 Registration and refreshments
  • 9.50 Welcome and introduction Susan Brown, Marie Curie & Robert Peacock, Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief

PART ONE: LEGACY (10-15 minutes per speaker)

  • Wendy Moncur, Dundee University. Digital inheritance – what happens to people’s personal data after they die?
  • James Norris, Digital Legacy Association. Digital assets and planning for a digital legacy

10.40 Discussion and Q&A with panel

BREAK with refreshments

  • 11.30 Introduction ‘Be Right Back’, Black Mirror

PART TWO: AFTERLIVES (10-15 minutes per speaker)

  • Jessica Dornan Lynas. Afterbook
  • Korina Giaxoglou, The Open University. Social Media: stories of grief as acts of sharing

Elaine Kasket, psychologist interested in the digital age. Online lives and digital afterlives: All the Ghosts in the Machine

12.30 Discussion and Q&A with panel

Closing remarks

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