Pop-Up Legacy Booth at Trinity Hospice

We will be running our Legacy Pop-Up Booth for the Royal Trinity Hospice during Storytelling Week 2016.

Trinity Hospice - Pop-Up Legacy Booth

Inpatients, outpatients and members of the general public are all welcome to leave a video message. This is an opportunity for private stories and favourite memories to be immortalised in film. The video content will then be provided to each person by email or as a DVD.

Royal Trinity Hospice

Shooting on a Green Screen / What is a Green Screen?

We will be filming using a ‘green-screen’ as a backdrop. Greenscreen’s are used to artificially add something in the background that isn’t there in real life. A common use of greenscreens is by weather reporters

Trinity hospice

Each video filmed at Trinity will have a photo added behind it. Visitors who bring their own photos will have them edited behind them in the video. This may add further context about a story that they are telling. When a photo is not provided we will use a background photo taken in the Royal Trinity Hospice garden.

Things to think about

  • Try not to wear thin-stripy shirts, as your video may appear fuzzy when viewed.
  • Consider bringing a photo if you would like it to be shown behind you in your video.
  • There isn’t a right or wrong way to leave a message. It’s your video and yours alone.
  • When you would like the video to be watched
  • Who you are creating the video for.

What should I say?

You may want to tell a story about yourself or your family that you hold dear. Below are some further ideas as to what you may want to include:

  • What is important to you?
  • Who inspires you?
  • Your family history knowledge?
  • A story that you would like to be remembered and recited?
  • What is your favourite saying (for example: always look on the Bright-side of life)
  • What are the highlights of your life?
  • What are the low-lights of your life?
  • Where you and your family are from?
  • What your life has been like?
  • What advice do you have for those you leave behind?
  • What is your favourite story, music, art, books, aftershave, sports team?
  • What are your religious / political views?
  • What your hopes and dreams are for your friends and family?

Further Information

  • When: Tuesday 2nd February, 11am-4pm
  • Where: Clinic Room, Royal Trinity Hospice
  • Price: Free

The Pop-Up booth will be open to: Trinity patients, staff, visitors and the general public. To find out more, email media@royaltrinityhospice.london or telephone 020 7787 1012.

If you have would like a printed photograph to be used in your video bring it along with you.  We will scan your photo and give the original photo back to you. Once it has been scanned we will add the scanned version to your video.

Location: Royal Trinity Hospice, 30 Clapham Common North Side, London, SW4 0RN

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