New Book Contribution: Outside the Box

Outside The Box

James Norris from the Digital Legacy Association recently wrote about the ever growing importance of digital assets planning and digital legacy safeguarding for the upcoming ‘Outside The Box’ publication. Outside The Box by Liz Rothschild highlights society’s disconnection with death and the problems this can cause. It brings together a number of stories told by the general public, end of life, palliative care and funeral professionals. Together the stories help explore what it is to live ‘outside the box’ in today’s world.

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About the Outside The Box

We live in a society where people struggle to look death in the eye. Death has become the territory of professionals and we rarely see a dead body, unless it is someone very close to us. Death has become hidden, and so more traumatic. This book shows that, if we start talking openly about death, it can change the way we live. In it, people from all walks of life share their experiences and what they have learned from accompanying others. Heartbreaking, angry, questioning and contradictory – even laugh-aloud funny – the stories illuminate, inspire, reassure and inform. They are accompanied by advice and comment from professionals working in end-of-life planning, health, bereavement and funeral care.

Outside The Box: Everyday Stories Of Death, Bereavement And Life – is available from: 26/11/2020 using the link below (free postage). From today it is also available in Waterstones, Amazon etc.

Outside the Box – Book Launch

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the book launch will be taking place online on the 26th November. It is free to attend and tickets can be obtained from:

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