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HENW Palliative Registrars Away Day on 17th June 2021

We will be running a educational seminar for NHS Higher Education (NW) Away day next week. Details can be found below.

The last year has been a challenging time for the health service, but through our collective efforts we are moving through it. Delayed from 2020, the ‘Fresh Focus on Palliative Medicine’ study day looks ahead to how Palliative Medicine could look going forwards.

Our speciality is moving evermore into the public domain. With that our day focuses on public relations, interactions through media and social media and the introduction of digital technologies into the field. The sessions will be delivered over Zoom but there will be plenty of opportunity for discussions and questions.

Intended Audience

Palliative Care Consultant / Registrars and Speciality Doctors

What to expect

  • It will cover the principles NICE uses, the types of evidence, support for implementation and assessing impact.
  • Focuses on public relations, interactions through media and social media
  • Introduction of digital technologies into the field
  • Interactive Session with opportunity for discussions and questions

13:00 Welcome — Chair- Caradoc Morris, Palliative Registrar  

13.15  Challenges of communicating both ’Palliative’ and ‘End of Life’ care to patients, families, wider clinicians and the media — Michelle Murphy O’Leary, Macmillan Cancer Support Communication Lead Northwest. 

14.00 A summary of the main types of NICE guidance, how guidelines are developed and kept up to date. —Dr Paul Chrisp, Director, Centre for Guidelines, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence 

14.45 Break

15.00 Digital legacy & planning for death in today’s digital world —James Norris, Digital Legacy Association, My Wishes & Michael Sobell Hospice

15.45 Break           

16.00 With the end in mind: what writing a book taught me about public understanding of dying— Kathryn Mannix,   

16.45 Summary and Close—Caradoc Morris, Palliative Registrar

Speaker profiles



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