CDAS Conference 2021

CDAS Conference 2021

The Digital Legacy Association’s founder James Norris, will be presenting an abstract at CDAS upcoming conference; Death, Dying, Technology and Human Behaviour. The conference covers are range of subject matters and takes place between the 7th-15th June. The full agenda can be found here and tickets can now be purchased from this link

Death… the final frontier (abstract) 

The normalisation of digital death behaviours can be changed, altered and manipulated through research, development, building technologies and launching innovations. 

Over the last 10 years I have utilised technology to explore the social etiquette and ways in which innovation can help society to address death both in the physical world and the digital realm. The media’s fascination around celebrity death continues to sell newspapers whilst a new dystopian narrative about digital death is told within each new series of Black Mirror.

Non-fictional stories and the ways in which society should be making plans for their digital assets are often overlooked and ignored for a more compelling science fiction headline or feature. Everyday the bereaved are being locked out of their husband, wife’s, parent’s and child’s online photo and video albums. Once locked out these precious assets will often remain inaccessible and lost for perpetuity.

This paper will explore how work carried out by the Digital Legacy Association, MyWishes and DeadSocial has tried to address this increasingly important area.  It will also highlight some of the hype, the successes, failings and lessons learned during this time. 

James Norris is the founder of the Digital Legacy Association and more recently, launched the MyWishes planning software. He has  consulted various governmental and non-governmental organisations across the globe in areas relating to death and the internet. Appearances and publications range from BBC Breakfast, and the Channel 4 News to the New Scientist and Jon Richardson’s Ultimate Worrier. 

The Digital Legacy Association is the global association dedicated to improving awareness and standards in areas relating to digital asset planning and digital legacy safeguarding. 

CDAS Conference 2021 agenda and tickets

  • The full agenda can be found here
  • Tickets can now be purchased from this link
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