We are launching at Hospice UK’s conference in Liverpool

The Digital Legacy Association has been launched to help provide guidance for healthcare professionals and patients and their carers. It was launched today at the start of Hospice UK’s annual conference in Liverpool.

“Over the last three years it has become apparent that healthcare professionals require support in this new and ever evolving area. By announcing the Digital Legacy Association at Hospice UK’s conference we hope to raise awareness within hospice sector and evoke discussion We are looking forward to attending, presenting and discussing this area within such an innovative and forward thinking forum.”

James Norris, The Digital Legacy Association

The Digital Legacy Association has been setup to ensure that those who reside in the UK receive the best end of life care in today’s digital and social media age. The Digital Legacy Association supports hospices and carers to help ensure that a high level of relevant support is delivered by healthcare professionals and in these emerging areas.

Over the last 10 years the way in which society plans for death, mourns and remembers their loved ones has changed.

Hospuce UK Conference

62% of us consider being able to access a deceased friend or family member’s social media accounts ‘important’ or ‘very important Digital Death Survey 2014

Today we released the ‘digital asset and digital end of life framework’ to educate healthcare professionals in this area. This document is free to download and will be updated each time relevant changes are made by online services (like Facebook, Google, iTunes etc). Changes will be carried out with the guidance of healthcare professionals, hospices, industry professionals and legal experts.

Digital Legacy Ass

A nationwide training programme in digital end of life and digital legacy for healthcare professionals will commence from February 2016. Those wanting to express early interest in attending the course should visit: www.DigitalLegacyAssociation.org/training

‘Social media has a key place in our lives now, and we are learning that it becomes even more crucial as people face the end of their lives. It helps patients stay connected and boosts self esteem. But patients and those special to them don’t know how to manage this personal vital resource after a death so memories, music, photos and messages are not lost. We are delighted that the Digital Legacy Association is being launched at our annual Hospice UK Conference for over 700 staff working with families at the end of life’

Dr Ros Taylor MBE National Director for Hospice Care, Hospice UK

Digital Legacy Ass

“Ensuring people understand how to protect and pass on their digital legacy is an increasingly important issue, which is why we are delighted that the Digital Legacy Association has been launched. Talking more openly about dying, death and bereavement benefits us all, as does putting plans in place for when we are dying, and for after our death.”

Claire Henry, Chief Executive of the Dying Matters Coalition

“The number of people living with life-limiting conditions requiring good forward planning for when they get unwell is vast. In hospices, the community and in hospitals, many patients are asking their healthcare providers questions about dying, death and what happens after, including their digital possessions. Many healthcare providers do not know what advice to give with regard to the important issue of digital advance planning. The Digital Legacy Association should become a ‘go to’ organisation which patients, carers and healthcare providers can use for valuable information and resources.”

Dr Mark Taubert, Velindre NHS Trust

Press Release

Bloggers and editors wanting to download the Digital Legacy Association – Press Release Website

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