How to download your Instagram photos and videos


About Instagram

Instagram has more than 1 billion users wordwide (April 2021). It is a creative, post-production platform that allows each user to edit photos and videos taken with a range of filters. Instagram will not allow friends and family members of deceased users to have access to / download media directly from Instagram. Therefore it is very important that you backup the photos and videos taken / saved on your Instagram account. Instagram allow friends and family members of the deceased to ‘Memorisalise’ an account. Only legal executors (and also ‘verified’ Instagram users) are able to close an account of the deceased.

Why it is important to backup your Instagram photos & videos (when you are alive)

In December 2014 ‘Instagram deleted millions of accounts as part of their ‘Instagram Rapture’ cull. Many of these accounts were fake however a significant number of accounts deleted were genuine user profiles.

When we save photos and videos in ‘the cloud’ on services like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc we are able to share our lives with our friends and family like never before. However there is a risk that our media (such as photos and videos) will be deleted or lost when we are alive or that it will not be accessible by our loved ones once we die. The risk varies from which services we use to the plans we have have made for our digital media in our social media will. By backing up and sharing a hard copy of our media we reduce the burden on others to take responsibility for our media both now and upon death. Such actions may also help to further assist with building and sustaining for digital legacy.

In this tutorial we will show you how to download your photos and videos from Instagram.

How to download your photos and videos from Instagram

  • Login to your account at
  • Click on the gear icon / settings icon next to your Edit Profile (see image below)
Donwload images from Instagram tutorial
  • Click on ‘Privacy and security’ option on the left hand navigation. This will open up a section that contains the ‘Download Data’ option
Instagram plan for death
  • Scroll down to Data Download and click on Request Download
Instagram digital legacy planning
  • Type in your email address if it doesn’t automatically pop up and enter your password
  • You will then be notified by email when the photos and videos are ready to download. Once downloaded the photos and videos will be backed up on the devices used to complete this process.

How to report a deceased Instagram user (and memorialise or delete the account

If you would like to memorialise or delete the account on behalf of a deceased Instagram user please click here and follow the steps provided by Instagram.
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