The Digital Death Survey 2020

‘The Digital Death Survey explores society’s attitudes and behaviours in areas relating to death and technology. This flagship survey was first carried out in 2014 and has helped the general public, academics, healthcare professionals and policy makers better understand a number of new and increasingly important subject matters’.

We would greatly appreciate it if you were to spend 5-10 minutes filling in this year’s survey. As always, the data we collect will be published and made available for free once the survey ends. If you are using a mobile device or would rather complete this survey on a form with a larger text please click here.

*Once you have clicked on the green ‘submit’ button above the survey will be completed. 

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You can share this survey with your friends, colleagues and followers on your social networks. Sharing this survey using the buttons below will not share any of the data you have entered. Instead the social media share buttons share the survey’s link onto the corresponding social network. The link will provide an opportunity for others to participate. 

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Support / Embedding the survey on third party website

If you require support or have any questions about the Digital Death Survey please email:

Website owners, bloggers and academic publishers will be sent the survey embed code upon request 

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