Sorting out your digital affairs leaflet available in Punjabi


Our flagship ‘Sorting Out Your Digital Assets and Digital Legacy‘ leaflet is now available in Punjabi. The leaflet can be downloaded for free and printed with your preferred printing service. Alternatively, the leaflet can be printed with a home printer. Once printed it needs to be folded into three sections.

About the leaflet

The leaflet includes information about the importance of planning for our digital lives and is relevant for many of the 113 million people who speak Punjabi across the globe. 

The translation was carried out by Dr Paramjot Bindra and Dr Harjot Singh and will provide the leaflets to patients in the Sri Guru Ram Das Rotary Cancer Hospital and the Hospice attached to Sri Guru Ram Das University of Health Sciences Sri Amritsar Punjab.

The leaflet will also be printed and made available to charities and hospices in the UK upon request. 

Printing digital legacy leaflet

Contributions and collaboration

Dr Paramjot Bindra (Consultant Palliative care and operations Head at Sri Guru Ram Das University of Health Sciences Sri Amritsar) and Dr Harjot Singh (Pain and Palliative Care Physician, Associate Professor, Dept of Community Medicine SGRDUHS) met James (Digital Legacy Association) during the Master Class in Palliative Care course in Kerala in November. After meeting, discussing and forging a friendship it was evident that translating the leaflet into Punjabi was of value to the patients and communities we all serve. 

This leaflet is free to use and you are welcome to download, print and use it within the region and country where you live and work

Other leaflets and resources

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