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 59% of us have ‘viewed a social media account of a friend or family member after they had died – Digital Death Survey 2014


Social media has changed the way in which we communicate with one another and remember the deceased forever. Our social media profiles are part of our Digital footprint to form our digital legacy when we die. Our social networking accounts will become a place for friends and family members to visit, reminisce and remember. Messages of condolences are also be likely to be left.


Social Media Guides for dealing with death


Each social network has its own rules, regulations and processes when dealing with death. We have provided step by step guides and tutorials to help you manage, maintain, transfer information or even delete individual accounts.

There isn’t a best way or ‘best practice’ to follow when preparing for death on social media sites. DeadSocial aim to educate and provide tools to help cater for each individual’s needs. Click on any of the logos below to read the relevant tutorial.

Support for those left behind


The ways in which we remember is moving from the physical to the digital realm. If you are recently bereaved you may find out our ‘recently bereaved‘ or funeral sections of value


Digital Legacy checklist


Below is a basic checklist of things to consider when evaluating your online footprint. By evaluating the points below we hope that it will evoke thought and lead to a proactive outcome.

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  • Search for (your name) in Google and see what appears (in search, image search and video search). If there is information or media (such as photos and videos) that you do not want to be remembered for consider removing them.
  • Make sure that you have given directions about what you would like to happen to your online accounts and profiles in your will.
  • Review using our free Digital legacy builder to say your final “goodbye” messages to your friends and family members online
  • Tell someone what you would like to happen with your electronic devices, digital content and social media content when you die
  • Download and backup your media saved on third party sites
  • If you have a website or blog that you would like to remain live once you have died make sufficient plans, technical resource and budget for this to occur.
  • Understand the terms & conditions of the services you use online. Our guides may help
  • Consider passing on your passwords for your computermobile phonetabletsocial media and online accounts

62% of us consider being able to access a deceased friend or family member’s social media accounts ‘important’ or ‘very important’

– Digital Death Survey 2014