The Digital Death Survey 2022

The internet and communication technologies have changed many things. It has changed the ways in which we interact with one another, the ways in which we work and it is now having an increasing influence and importance in the ways in which we plan for death and remember our loved ones. COVID-19 and social distancing measures have further sped up the acceleration of change with the normalisation of funerals being live streamed, virtual memorials and grieving for loved ones while using internet enabled devices. 

The purpose of the Digital Death Survey is to better understand how the internet and technology are changing societies’ attitudes and needs around death, care planning and bereavement. This flagship survey was first carried out in 2014 by the Digital Legacy Association (UK). In recent years, the research has received further support from Dr. Carla Sofka of Siena College (USA). A secondary purpose of the digital death survey is to educate participants about this emerging area.

Once the Digital Death Survey data has been collected and anonymised, the data and a report will be made available for professionals, academics and those interested in subjects. The report will help academics, healthcare professionals and policy makers better understand the importance of people’s digital assets and digital legacy. A secondary goal of the survey is to familiarise society with the importance of making plans for our increasingly complex, digital lives and make appropriate plans for themselves, their possessions and those they care about.

The Digital Death Survey 2022 can be viewed and completed on: 

The Digital Legacy Association is the global, community organisation with a focus of raising awareness around the importance of digital assets planning and digital legacy safeguarding. This is achieved by supporting professionals, industry and the general public.

Siena College is a learning community advancing the ideals of a liberal arts education.The Social Work department is led by Professor Carla Sofka, a published author and thought leader in areas relating to death, bereavement and the internet.

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